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BabyHarmony has a mission. Bring DeFi to the masses. Decentralized finance, which utilizes technologies to remove intermediaries, middlemen, and banks from financial markets, is a complicated system to enter into. The first step towards achieving accessibility is to create the BabyHarmony token. It is an innovative Reflection Token, one that pays dividends in an already established token instead of our own. Our dividends are paid out in $Harmony, a Company whose tokens are getting more valuable all the time. The next step is the release of our HarmonySwap. The increase of Utility including Staking Pools and Yield Farming will increase demand for our Token und thus grow in value. We have developed a feature for an NFT Marketplace exclusive for Passive Income NFTs. It will revolutionize the NFT space, since there are no Markets that provide feeless Rewards for NFT Holders. Usually Markets keep the royalties for themselves. We will allow feeless Royalties for every NFT transaction.

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