Crazy Bunny Equity (CBUNNY)

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Description Crazy Bunny Equity

Crazy Bunny is the First Gaming Platform with 100% Community Driven Project. Sharing, Friendship and Community are everything. Crazy Bunny Token is the unified token of Crazy Bunny platform launched on BSC Chain. Crazy Bunny’s unique staking opportunity became a hallmark of the Crazy Bunny project. Once you’ve got and held Crazy Bunny tokens on Crazy Bunny Staking Pool, you can receive a part of the Crazy Bunny platform's profit. 50 % Liquidity Mining All the coins in this part will be 100 % put into Pancakeswap 40% BET-TO-Earn For the de-centralization game within the platform, this part will eventually be destroyed‌ 5 % Development Team This part will be used to ensure sustainable and rapid innovation and the future. It will be continually locked in and released in batches according to time 2021 Release 1.5% - BscScan 2022 Release 1.5% - BscScan 2023 Release 1.5% - BscScan 2024 Release 0.5% - BscScan 5 % Airdrop Airdrops and other rewards in the DeFi ecosystem will be voted by the DAO community.

Crazy Bunny Equity Price $
Market Cap $ ?
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Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000
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