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"DotArcade has been created with the vision that this will be one of the first NFT play-to-earn game with attractive gameplay. DotArcade team are of the view that most NFT games in the market are not attractive enough to be sustainable. Our goal is to build an NFT game which has traditional play-to-earn features but, more importantly, has attractive gameplay. This will enable DotArcade to attract not just the play-to-earn players but also traditional gamers. We trust the players will play our game not just because of the play-to-earn features but also to enjoy the fun and attractive gameplay. Further, we trust that the attractive gameplay will also be appealing to the mass and will bring more traditional players to the NFT world. DotArcade NFT Game (Dot Arcade) is the first game that mixes Arcade and Moba game genres. DotArcade users can enjoy the feeling of competition to win and earn money at the same time. Players can join a multitude of players worldwide and have an opportunity to play to earn NFTs individually or with your clan. Players will earn tokens (“ADTs”) through completing the in-game quests, doing activities for their clans and, most attractively, by taking ADTs from friends or opponents when playing against them in the real-time battles. By owning ADTs, players can increase their strength and also take part in the decentralized financial market to earn more profit. As a gamefi, DotArcade has basic tasks including trading NFT items, staking, lending and borrowing so that players can earn a steady income while enjoying our game. As you can see, DotArcade has created various ways for players to earn incomes. Our slogan is “winners play to earn, losers play to collect”."

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