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The ETH Max Yield Index ($ETHMAXY) is an ERC-20 structured product built collaboratively by Galleon DAO & Beverage Finance natively on the Ethereum network, enabling traders to gain leveraged exposure on their staked ETH yields via stETH and Aave protocol. ETH Max Yield Index is our first mainnet structured product and the index provides a 3x+ stETH levered position. As a representation if stETH is paying 5% staking APY while borrowing ETH is <1% which means the token would get 13-15% yield on the stETH collateral using this method in one composable, ERC-20 token that can be held, transferred and integrated with other DeFi protocols. Methodology The Ethereum Max Yield Index follows a strict methodology, it is composed of stETH, deposited as collateral on Aave, allowing ETH to be borrowed and wrapped into stETH - this process is repeated until the token is 3x+ levered. Aave's current LTV for stETH is 70% and liquidation threshold is 75%, which means stETH can be looped 3.33x - 4.

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