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878 Shukutai Dinos remain on the planet, yet they're dying, fast. Every week an asteroid hits the Dinos' planet and wipes out Dinos! To ensure their future existence, and prevent extinction, Dinos need to breed. Holding Dinos grants you 10 $Fossil tokens daily, generated from their ancestors. Collect, breed and hatch Dinos to create future generations! Every single day, Shukutai Dinos collects 10 $FOSSIL tokens. Wallets with 2-4 Dinos gain 1 more $FOSSIL per Dino. Wallets with 5-9 Dinos gain 2 more $FOSSIL per Dino. Wallets with 10 or more Dinos gain 4 more $FOSSIL per Dino. Breeding requires 2 Shukutai Dinos and 800 $FOSSIL Token where the tokens are burned. $FOSSIL will have more use cases, than just breeding, so use it wisely. Further information will be released.

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