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GangstaBet is a digital collectible project with 5,555 unique NFTs containing Gangsters and detectives. Every character in GangstaBet has a unique appearance, name, and various properties like class and skills. The collectible project takes a new approach to distribute GangstaBet Token ($GBET) to its holders on a daily basis. $GBET is the native token that is used to * Change the name of the GangstaBets * Upgrade the skills of the GangstaBets GangstaBet launched its mainnet on 10th October, 2021. No $GBETs were minted except the ones distributed to the holders every day and distributed to those who minted NFTs during the Presale. As the token gets minted every day and users can decide to burn it to increase the stats of NFTs, there is no certainty in the circulating amount. This will let the market decide about GBET and no creators will be able to control it. As of this writing, the circulating supply is 6,698,456 $GBET. Gangstabet project was funded by Contribution Proposal System, a decentralized grant proposal system that was built on ICON Blockchain. More than 30 Public representatives of ICON Blockchain took part in the voting and helped to initiate this project. As for others, teams like TechFlow Space, ICONOsphere, and some others helped this project with their development and business expertise.

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