Hoard (HRD)

1.00000000 HRD
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$ ?
Volume 24h
$ ?
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Description Hoard

HRD governs The Hoard; a fully decentralized stablecoin with zero centralized collateral. Value accrues to the veHRD token as reward. $HRD is the governance and value accrual token of the Hoard Ecosystem. HRD holders will be able to lock their HRD into veHRD, to earn rewards in both HRD and USDH. HRD rewards are provided by a logarithmically shrinking rewards pool (as time goes on, the rewards rate continues to half. Think of bitcoin mining rates), while USDH rewards are derived from The Hoarder.

Hoard Price $
Market Cap $ ?
Volume 24h $ ?
Circulating Supply 0
Total Supply 10,000,000
24h Change + %