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Humanoid AI - Unleashing the Power of AI, Discover the next Generation Humanoid AI aims to revolutionise the AI industry by creating a humanoid robot assistant powered by ChatGPT. Our vision is to provide a fully-functional AI device that can connect with users and offer a personalised, seamless experience. We're paving the way for a future where AI technology is integrated into our daily lives, allowing us to interact with machines in a more human-like way. Humanoid AI is introducing a new way of AI-powered communication through its custom bot service, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord bots. These bots are powered by GPT-3 AI, providing a unique and personalized experience for each user. The origins of AI can be traced back to the 1950s, when computer scientists first started exploring the idea of creating machines that could perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. Early AI research focused on symbolic reasoning and rule-based systems, but the field saw limited progress until the 1980s and 1990s, when advances in computer hardware and algorithms enabled the development of more sophisticated AI systems. In recent years, the growth of AI has accelerated dramatically due to advances in machine learning and data processing. The increasing availability of big data, cloud computing, and high-performance hardware has made it possible to train large, complex AI models that can perform a wide range of tasks with remarkable accuracy. From answering industry-specific questions to generating stunning images, these bots will bring a new level of intelligence and style to your communication. Humanoid robot powered by ChatGPT offers a personalized, human-like experience for a smarter tomorrow.

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