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What is the project about? Husky.AI is the first artificial intelligence meme coin It is a complete platform that offers advanced features such as secure wallets, fast exchanges, and instant transactions worldwide. Additionally, the integrated artificial intelligence allows us to provide valuable insights about the market and help users make more informed decisions. Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies accessible and easy to use for everyone, while providing cutting-edge security and privacy features. What makes your project unique? State-of-the-art Technology A cryptocurrency based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. This ensures that it is fast, efficient and highly secure. Decentralization Decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it is not subject to fluctuations in the global financial market and does not depend on central financial institutions. Promising Investment The innovative technology and growing adoption of by businesses and investors make this crypto a promising choice for future investments. Liquidity 4% of all trades executed will be allocated to liquidity and remain locked, with the aim of ensuring solidity and stability. This measure is intended to strengthen the project's financial health, providing greater security to its users and investors. Enhanced Security The artificial intelligence technology used in helps protect your financial transactions and personal information with a high level of security. BURN The use of token burning feature ensures that the amount available in the market decreases over time, increasing the value of each token and making the currency more valuable in the long run History of your project. HUSky.AI was created from the idea that a meme currency can grow over time Husky.Ai coin is a Token launched on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) at a price of 0.008176 cents on April 10 Acceptable currencies is BNB and the token for Sale is 490,000,000 HUS Token anyone can buy Husky.Ai COIN on the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Husky.Ai COIN stock are currently coinTiger, MexC, and PancakeSwap v2 (BSC). Also in its journey, it touched the rate of a max of 0.04486 cents. What’s next for your project? Listings and launch of artificial intelligence tools and we are planning on listing on other Top Tier exchanges too and we are working on social marketing and out reach too. What can your token be used for? HUS can be used for P2P trading, speculation and can be traded on AI's platforms, we are also planing on usage of HUS for bills and utility pay in the upcoming months to come

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