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What is the project about? Instadapp is a DeFi (decentralized finance) management platform that allows users to seamlessly access and manage multiple DeFi protocols through a single interface. It provides an easy-to-use dashboard for users to monitor their DeFi positions and execute transactions across multiple protocols with a few clicks. What makes your project unique? Instadapp stands out in the DeFi space by providing a user-friendly interface and allowing users to manage multiple protocols in one place. It also offers advanced features such as automatic portfolio rebalancing, multi-step transactions, and advanced lending strategies. History of your project. Instadapp was founded in 2018 by Sowmay Jain and Samyak Jain. The project started as a simple tool for managing MakerDAO CDPs Collateralized Debt Positions, but has since grown to support multiple protocols and become a popular DeFi management platform. What’s next for your project? Instadapp is constantly improving its platform and adding support for new protocols. They have recently launched their Avocado wallet their entry into Account Abstraction What can your token be used for? iETH v2 is a tokenized deposit from the Instadapp Lite Vaults

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