Kazama Senshi (KAZAMA)

1.00000000 KAZAMA
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Description Kazama Senshi

The Kazama Senshi token is a fully self-burning reflection token, with every transaction 2.75% of the amount involved is automatically burned of the total supply, a community driven automatic burning oven that is always on. In addition, it is also a reflection token that rewards holders with BUSD, automatically generates liquidity in response to the market and collects funds for automatic buybacks! The token is also a governance token that represents your voting power. The Kazama token is the native token of KazamaSwap, a DeFi platform based on PCS with a DEX, staking pools (flexible and locked), yield farms (including boosted farms), lotteries, NFT Marketplace, launchpad and more future products, which all will integrate the Kazama token.

Kazama Senshi Price $
Market Cap $ ?
Volume 24h $ ?
Circulating Supply 0
Total Supply 775,000,000
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