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The 4 Great Samurais of old each go on a journey to the pinnacle of the warrior’s spirit and face battles, trials, and tribulations across multiple realms. In the world of the mundane, Kusunoki Masashige gets the news that his brother is dead and was betrayed by his former allies and master. Before he can come to a decision on whether to follow his brother’s path, bandits attack the village and Masashige is forced to bear arms and break out of his noncombatant shell. Confronted with the weight of his brother’s sacrifice and his desire for redemption, he resolves to set out on a journey to become a warrior. Traversing into the deeper shadows of the realms, Tomoe Gozen wakes up in the Underworld. She is deemed an impure soul because she is a ‘witch’; owing to her prowess in battle and the many heads of men she’s claimed. However, she is given a chance to redeem her karma by defeating 8,000 Great Demons in the Underworld; a thousand for every circle of Hell. Rising through the boundary, Miyamoto Musashi roams the in-between, neither dead nor alive. He is tasked with guarding the boundary between the supernatural and the mundane. As the guardian of the Otherworld, Musashi maintains the boundary, guides the souls in limbo, and keeps malevolent beings in line. Ascending further, Sanada Yukimura is “The Warrior of the Gods”. The gods send him on different missions and task him with guarding the gates of Heaven. He subdues rebellions among demons and smaller gods and dispels threats to Heaven. The four warriors take on different paths that occasionally overlap in the overarching branches of the karmic cycle. Across dimensions, their battle cries roar and echo in harmony.

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