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What is LaChain? LaChain is a secure, fast, and reliable blockchain designed with Latin American users in mind. Experienced cryptocurrency companies have teamed up to develop this decentralized network, which benefits users throughout Latin America. La Chain network's native currency is called La Coin (LAC). What Makes LaChain Unique? LaChain enables the creation of ERC-20 tokens, which can be utilized as native tokens for blockchain-based applications. These tokens can be used for various activities, including management of the respective applications, the payment of trading fees, and the storage of value in the case of stablecoins. However, because transactions are still being recorded on the LaChain blockchain, gas fees for transactions are still paid in LAC. LaChain Roadmap The LaChain roadmap includes the deployment of a network bridge that will link the blockchain to other networks, a DAO governance structure, and an eventual switch to POS as a consensus mechanism. What can LaCoin (LAC) be Used For? The native token used to power the La Chain network and carry out transactions is called LaCoin (LAC). LAC covers transaction gas costs on the LaChain blockchain as a utility token.

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