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What is the project about? LiquidNetwork, permissionless liquidity market, community oriented ve(3,3) dex on CoreDAO. It's a decentralized exchange built on CoreDAO that offers low-cost token exchanges and reduced swap fees, using a governance model called the ve(3,3) system, which was developed by Andre Cronje and introduced in Solidly. This system rewards active user participation through voting, bribes, and decisions on whether to lock or unlock the governance token. When a majority of users lock their tokens, they can enjoy the economic benefits of the ve(3,3) model, including increased token yield, and reduced inflation of native tokens while controlling the circulating supply of the token. The goal of the ve(3,3) structure is to create an environment where users can actively choose to collaborate and create a cycle of growth that reinforces itself over time. (Fork of Solidly by Andre Cronje)

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