Long Bitcoin (LONG)

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Description Long Bitcoin

What is the project about? $Long is a token based on Ordinals and BRC-20 that unites Bitcoiners, spreads the Bitcoin philosophy, and drives the Bitcoin renaissance. What makes your project unique? Long Bitcoin is one of the oldest and most famous slogans of the Bitcoin community, and today it has become a meme symbol. History of your project. The Long community has multiple OG's who have been involved with Bitcoin since 2013, a community built since 2022, over 39k Twitter followers, and 17k discord members What’s next for your project? Long Bitcoin Community will continue to build our community and bring more Bitcoin holders into the community; communicate with more exchanges for listings, with ALEX being the first; and develop the infrastructure around BRC-20 to continue to build the Bitcoin community. What can your token be used for? At this stage, $Long is a meme coin with no real utility to back it up, and will be given more real equity in the future.

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Market Cap $ ?
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Total Supply 21,000,000
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