Margaritis (MARGA)

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Description Margaritis

Margaritis (MARGA) is a token created on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. The name of the token comes from the Greek word μαργαριτης, which translates into English as “pearl”. MARGA is a utility token for the NFT Web3TON project. The token is a pass to participate in the *event for *collection holders, and can also be exchanged for additional services provided to members of our community. MARGA tokens can either be obtained through Airdrop, which takes place every 2 weeks for NFT Web3TON holders, or purchased on the DEX exchange *Holders are TON wallet addresses that own at least one NFT in the Web3TON collection. NFTs must not be offered for sale on the secondary market on any of the available NFT marketplaces. *Event – all details are available exclusively to NFT Web3TON holders in the Holders' private chat.

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Market Cap $ ?
Volume 24h $ ?
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Total Supply 7,777,780
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