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What is the project about? MonoLend is a lending market platform with a new approach of integrated strategies for yield bearing tokens. What makes your project unique? MonoLend is a next gen solution for liquidity concentration and lending markets,which embracing such features: 1)Automated Looping. 2)Leveraging opportunities. 3)Real revenue share model in stable or native tokens (stackers get paid directly in USDT, MATIC and other assets earned from the interest rates, depending on the yield) 4)Markets for yield bearing tokens. We are aiming to build a tool that would prosecute such features: 1) Cheap leveraging 2) Additional utility of large and medium tokens 3) Smart yield bearing leverage and looping 4) Access for limitless liquidity and affordable borrows 5) Playground for various strategies that can be built on top MonoLend aims to fulfill all users’ needs in time, so that it would boost the network as a whole hence, becoming a leading smart lending protocol in a DeFi world. Aggregated TVL will provide various opportunities for decentralized yield strategies, market long and short positions, leveraging, looping and sticky TVL for revenue generation.

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