Nightingale Token (NGIT)

1.00000000 NGIT
(+ %)
Market Cap
$ ?
Volume 24h
$ ?
Total Supply
Nightingale Token Chart
Description Nightingale Token

Sheepfarm in Meta-land P2E Project on Klaytn Chain, started since Dec,2021. There are 2 main contents including Sheep Farm, where players can raise sheep with Minted NFTs(Pasture, Sheep, Decoration), and Sheep Racing, where players can race with each other, and make bets on it. NGIT token is mainly a token used for DAO votings. Players who have staked their NGIT can earn vNGIT, and off-chain token, and change the weather in Sheep Racing to give more buffs to their own sheep.

Nightingale Token Price $
Market Cap $ ?
Volume 24h $ ?
Circulating Supply 0
Total Supply 1,677,560
24h Change + %