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The Retromoon Arcade Platform is pioneering the blockchain gaming industry with classic, arcade-style minigames, fully playable NFT characters, and non-fungible staking pools. Each game released within the ecosystem, fully designed and developed by the Retromoon team, will pay homage to the golden age of arcade games with classical single-player gameplay, interface, and 8-bit graphics. Powered by the $RETRO token, the platform offers players an opportunity to earn NFTs of tiered rarity by advancing their skills in each minigame. In turn, NFT characters can be interactively played in-game or paired in staking pools to generate passive income. Just as space invaders, pacman, and asteroids expanded early arcade games from novelties to a global industry, Retromoon seeks to pave the way for the advancement of blockchain gaming. RetroMoon offers a unique spin on the play to earn phenomen. Investors will earn NFTs of tiered rarity directly correlating to gameplay skill and success. The higher score you can achieve in game, the higher tier of NFT you mint. We have a “Practice Mode”, so you can sharpen your skills before you head on over to mint mode to try your hand at minting the rarest NFT you can. The better you play, the better your mint, the more money you can make in our exclusive staking pools which reward more $RMOON for higher tiered NFT’s. Get earning! Moon Invaders is the Retromoon Platforms first game. We’ve lovingly built our rendition of one of the Arcade era’s most beloved classics - Space Invaders. All levels are designed from the ground up from our development team. We’ve added new enemies with totally different strategies, movement patterns, and weapons, so the game feels fresh & new while also encapsulating that classic Space Invaders feel.

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