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REU is a DeFi Community based Token centered around the idea of ‘Perpetual Finance’. With a keen focus on developing Green technology for Bitcoin Mining. Directly rewarding REU holders for their participation. Scaling / Sustainability Our roots began with an investment into SHIB early in 2021. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to the promotion and expansion of Decentralized Finance. As we seek to create environmentally profound solutions for proof of work, our success is shared with every holder of REU Tokens. As these engineering plans are implemented, efficiencies will be directly correlated with liquidity injections back into REU. The more efficient REU becomes, the more valuable the REU Tokens will become. As ASIC Miners are onboarded. The Bitcoin rewards will be used to PURCHASE REU and INJECT the tokens back into the liquidity. Causing a stable trading environment/increasing the price of a REU Token. The cohost mining company REU is partnering with is providing LIQUID-COOLED IMMERSION technology for REU miners. This immediately allows for a 30% overclock upgrade + a 10% power draw savings. This directly benefits REU holders through lower operating costs and allowing AGGRESSIVE liquidity injections.

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