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Strayacoin was born on the 26th of January, 2018 from an existing forked version of Litecoin with developments by the Strayacoin Foundation. Since the launch, the Strayacoin Foundation has grown to a team-size of ten. You can find the list of our developers and their roles in the “Team” section. Strayacoin was introduced as a fair dinkum peer-to-peer payment solution that can be applied across a massive number of uniquely Australian financial and transactional problems. While the coin was first introduced as a parody of the recent proliferation of cryptocurrencies, the community has further developed the coin to be capable to stand up to the key players within the crypto-industry. Vision Strayacoin was introduced to bring education and foster local development of the cryptocurrency industry in Australia. We are striving to be the premier cryptocurrency payment solution in Australia. We have a four times faster block time than bitcoin, and comparable coin quantity, so it is possible the coin could be a store of value, but focus for development is currently on POS integration and Lightning Network/Atomic cross chain Swaps due to the compatibility of core technology with bitcoin/litecoin. We are now active with segregated witness on our network, a precursor to LN/AS.

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