Strider Bot (STRIDR)

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Strider Bot is being built to satisfy a need in the market, which enables responsible profit taking while maximizing ROI for investors. HOW IT WORKS Strider Bot will allow users to create a new wallet and provides the private key to be imported into MetaMask. Simply load ETH into this wallet and buy the token(s) of choice that you'd like to begin taking profits on during an uptrend. The bot will monitor for buy pressure matching your desired sell amounts and begin selling into it without hurting the chart. As Telegram is becoming the primary social platform for crypto projects and their communities, our team will work to develop the integration to TG Wallet when the APIs become available. Similar to some of the most used bots in the space, Strider Bot will lease out ad space to other crypto projects and influencers who want to reach the userbase for a fee. The fee will fund continuous improvement of the bot, as well as continuous buybacks on the chart to reward loyal holders.

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