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Talaria Inu's burn mechanisms together are revolutionary because they truly destroy tokens from circulation, creating a real deflation of the supply, and because the burns are independent of the token's volume since they are time and liquidity pool based. The Talaria of Mercury are a pair of Greek sandal-like shoes with wings that allowed the wearer to fly like a bird in the sky. Talaria Inu solves the problem of long-term sustainability not only with a growing marketing wallet for the attraction of new investors but also with a separate capital growth fund for token buybacks and reinvestments. For these reasons, it is only fair to give it a symbolic name to represent its incredible mechanics. Talaria Inu has a capital fund that uses some of the funds collected into the treasury from taxed transactions to earn a yield and invest in different blue chip projects on various blockchains. All profits from this fund are used to buy back and burn more $TALI tokens, making it more scarce and more rewarding for holders.

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