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What is the project about? Toreus Finance is a non-custodial lending market, following the successful model of the Geist Protocol, deployed on the KAVA EVM chain. What makes your project unique? We are the first Geist Fork on the KAVA EVM chain. Our product is catered towards longer term holders with our unique 3-month vesting rewards. History of your project. We started Toreus at the end of 2021. But with the start of the bear market around that time we waited for better market conditions to launch this product. We continued the project early 2023 and launched in April on the KAVA EVM chain What’s next for your project? We're looking to expand the protocol to a V2. First the protocol will start acquiring more liquidity (POL) to create a healthy basis for investors to trade $TORE. What can your token be used for? $TORE can be used to stake and/or stake lock. By doing so you will earn a share of the protocol revenue, which is a basket of bluechips like WBTC, WETH, USDC, USDT & DAI. Additionaly, you can use TORE to provide LP on our partner dex Equilibre

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