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TRDC is a token which is main principal is decentralized swapping system , blockchain data analysis and whales wallets analysis. They have 4 types of wallets , swapping wallet , C wallet ,S wallet, X wallet , also we will provide staking , gaming and NFT and others services and products. Traders Coin (TRDC) is a blockchain-powered decentralized platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network. TRDC’s supply is limited to 210M token, it allows users and traders to enjoy the flexibility offered by BSC Network which includes scalability and low transaction fee. The TRDC project stands on four pillars: 1- A trading platform 2- A wallet that tracks the user’s wallet and provides him with his buying and selling information, entry and exit areas, profits and losses 3- A system for tracking whale wallets, analyzing their movements, and studying market trends 4- A system for copying transactions of large wallets, where the user’s wallet is linked to a whale’s one and copies the buying and selling transactions according to the user's capital

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