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VRJAM is a multiplayer social gaming and live events platform built to empower global brands and premium content creators to create immersive ‘real-time’ consumer experiences inside virtual worlds. VRJAM was founded in 2017 with a vision to combine blockchain and immersive technology to transform human experience in digital space. Today, VRJAM is an immersive, live experience platform built on the Matic blockchain designed to magnify the connectedness of human beings in virtual space. It will help transform the metaverse for the better and create new ways to enhance and value human experience RJAM Coin is VRJAM’s in-game ERC20 token, built on the Matic (Polygon) network. It is used to facilitate a wide and varied array of use cases for trade and value exchange inside VRJAM’s virtual world from ticket sales and advertising. The day after the launch of the VRJAM platform, the VRJAM Coin token will launch via 3 of the world’s leading exchanges, Gate, MexC and Kucoin (please note exchanges are subject to change).

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