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2 is a super rare token with a total supply of only 21,000 making it 1000 times more scarce than Bitcoin. X2 was created by the SpaceGrime team to serve as the ultimate long term store of value for the future as a complement to the interplanetary currency GRIMEX. Unlike GRIMEX that has a very high supply and very low network fees and airdrops, X2 is optimized to become extremely scarce over time and for it’s value to increase to more than any other coin. It has very low supply hyper-deflationary features far exceeding that of any other token. X2 will have a mechanism implemented which charges a high fee to sellers and requires very high slippage settings. This fee will be 20%, of which 10% is “burned” forever in locked liquidity and 10% is redistributed to the other wallets holding the coin. Slippage settings must be 25% for a transaction to go through. In the future, just like GRIMEX, X2 will also be able to migrate and be interoperable with other layer-1 Blockchains for redundancy; X2 wouldn’t have to live with the shortcomings of any particular chain. X2 will initially be available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

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Volume 24h $ 123.72
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