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Description xbullion silver

"Xbullion was launched in mid-September 2021, under the ticker SILV on the Ethereum Blockchain. Xbullion solves logistical challenges of moving around silver by aggregating institutional partners and giving participants direct ownership of physical 999/LBMA-accredited silver on a secure digital platform. Each SILV token represents 1 gram physical investment grade gold bullion and has the ability to be fractionalised to 0.00000001 of a gram, allowing for both hyper-specific trading and exceptionally low investment minimums. Tokens can be easily redeemed for fiat currency or traded against other digital assets. Or, subject to 1000 tokens minimum (1kg), the token holder can physically redeem their owned silver facilitated by one of xbullion’s insured, third-party, specialist couriers. Xbullion SILV is subject to regular comprehensive audits to confirm that the tokens maintain a 1:1 parity with 999/LBMA physical silver. The Ethereum blockchain also provides a secure immutable ledger of all transactions giving transparent insight into the token’s issuance, management and ownership."

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Market Cap $ 0
Volume 24h $ 1037.5
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