BattleForTEN (BFT)

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Description BattleForTEN

BattleForTEN is a turn based play-to-earn game. Game is live at Holders of BattleForTEN can use their $BFT tokens to mint NFTs that allow them to battle against NPC's or other holders via Mystery Boxes at The BattleForTEN token has a buy and sell tax of 5%. The fees are automatically liquidated by the BattleForTEN smart contract and designated to the funding of liquidity to the BFT/WBNB pair, marketing and further development of the token. BattleForTEN will have dApps that provide passive income for BattleForTEN token holders. Currently there is liquidity staking located at that provides Battle For TEN rewards claimable by Battle For TEN token holders that contribute to liquidity.

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Market Cap $ ?
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Total Supply 10,000,000,000
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