Bitcoin Volatility Index Token (BTCV)

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Description Bitcoin Volatility Index Token

Volmex ( is a protocol for tokenized volaitlity built on Ethereum. The protocol enables VIX-like indices for crypto-assets and trading functionality piowered by smart contracts. Volmex protocol can be used to create volatility indexes and tradable tokens for crypto assets. Traders can leverage the protocol to express a view on the expected volatility of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Volmex Labs, the builder of, is backed by leading crypto investment and trading firms including Three Arrows Capital, Alameda Research, Robot Ventures, CMS Holdings, and Orthogonal Trading. The Bitcoin Volatility Index Token (BTCV) aims to track the reference Bitcoin volatility index price, a measure of Bitcoin's expected volatility over the next 30 days, available on the Volmex API:

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