Covid Doge (COVID DOGE)

1.00000000 COVID DOGE
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Market Cap
$ ?
Volume 24h
$ ?
Total Supply
Covid Doge Chart
Description Covid Doge

To fight against COVID, scale up the fight against COVID. COVIDDoge has evolved a split infection ability similar to that of viruses. When you actively transfer any COVIDDoge to a wallet address that has never been held before, he will be infected and become a member of COVIDDoge, contributing to the fight against COVID. At the same time, in order to reward you for actively splitting and infecting other wallets, the wallets infected by you will draw up to 4% of COVIDDoge rewards to you during the buying and selling process. If your infected wallet address uses the same method to infect other wallet addresses, then this reward will continue, and you can get up to the following 3 levels of infection rewards. Parent address 2% < child address %1 < child address 1% Parent address Total 4%.

Covid Doge Price $
Market Cap $ ?
Volume 24h $ ?
Circulating Supply 0
Total Supply 20,220,000
24h Change + %