Datamall Coin (DMC)

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Description Datamall Coin

What is the project about? Decentralized Storage What makes your project unique? Real data Storag. Ability to determine data ownership. Nash consensus.The storage market will tend to be dynamically balanced in the competition Give incentives to both users and miners. While incentivizing storage space, it also incentivizes demand. Storage is available and easy to use. Support storage application service. History of your project. one and half years What’s next for your project? The first step is to expand storage space, improve storage capacity and storage efficiency. The second step is to attract business user data and personal user data, using the DMC network. The third step is to establish and support the operation of large-scale decentralized applications based on dmc storage. What can your token be used for? 1. Users use DMC to purchase storage space 2. Miners mortgage DMC as a storage deposit 3. Governance 4. Users and developers use DMC to purchase and experience DMC ecological applications

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Total Supply 452,714,000
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