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DPWK is a decentralized play-to-earn platform for blockchain games. Players can play more than one game launched by the DPWK platform, and the produced tokens can be transacted on the secondary market of the DPWK platform. Its first 7,000 Kreatty NFTs were generated with a decentralized algorithm. NFTs are the only entry to the platform's games, have the purest pedigree, and can reproduce. The offspring kitties are also NFTs and have a number of functions. The economic model of the platform uses dual-token model (KIT Token and DPWK Token). KIT token has a limited total amount and continuous deflation, mining cards can be produced through staking KIT tokens, and KIT tokens are used for reproduction of Kreatty/Kitty NFTs and creating clans so as to ensure economic development. DPWK Token is proving of DAO governance, and has higher value than KIT token.The DPWK platform also provides a variety of play-to-earn and GameFi and DeFi gameplay, continuously bringing users fresh and enjoyable game experience and financial wealth effect.

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