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Efficiency DAO is a DeFi protocol targetting Long-tail assets and Fiat off-ramping services. We want to create a better, smarter, and more efficient money market by reviving all the tokens in your wallet.Beyond blue-chip assets such as BTC, ETH, and BNB, there is a sea of cryptocurrencies for innovative projects. However, the vast majority of these tokens are unsupported in DeFi and sit forgotten or unutilized in HODLers' wallets. These tokens still represent value in new projects and present an untapped source of capital efficiency. We “revive” these tokens by enabling their value. By injecting new liquidity into these assets with the help of decentralized finance, new opportunities are on the horizon. We want to To create a DeFi platform that improves capital efficiency for both main-stream tokens and long-tail assets. With Efficiency DAO, you can use any token in your wallet to lend, borrow, earn yield, transfer fiat, and more. We want all assets in your wallet to be productive.

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