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Fortis is a decentralised, open, digital money. This meaning that everyone can use it and transfer money to anyone they want, without having to worry about arbitrary limitations like borders or censorship’s. You don’t have to trust any person or organization in order to handle our token and platform. You are the person in control. Our ecosystem composes of 3 main features: FORTIS APP, FORTIS GATEWAY and FORTIS LABS. FORTIS APP constitutes of 3 use cases. FORTIS ONRAMP: Buying crypto was never made so easy, just input you debit/credit card, bank transfer and choose where you want your crypto delivered. FORTIS CARD: funded by your Crypto balance. The easiest, quickest way to spend your crypto worldwide. FORTIS LEND: 76% of people who apply for a loan are declined. If you credit score is too low and your report shows a track record of defaults, missed payments, lenders are going to be concerned that you won’t pay them on time. With FORTIS LEND, everyone will have access to a loan. Borrowers only need to deposit cryptocurrencies as collateral to get a loan. In this way borrowers will make a conscious decision to not sell their cryptocurrencies but to pledge them as collateral so they can retrieve them later. FORTIS GATEWAY This feature will give business owners the infrastructure and ability to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The current payments gateway services tend to act like a monopoly, asphyxiating the business owners with high fees, long term contract and slow support, not to mention that none of them offer cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Imagine a reliable payments solutions that matter for the needs of both the merchants and their customers: accessible and convenient. FORTIS LABS This for me and my team is the most amazing feature we will be starting very soon, the idea of the Labs is to unify under one ecosystem groundbreaking projects that will bring simple and accessible solutions to the Fortis ecosystem and real-life use-cases: they will be products that have been resulted due to creativity and extensive research. FORTIS LABS WILL BE THE NEW HOME FOR GREAT IDEAS. So you'll probably be thinking what does the Fortis Coin actually do here? We believe that having a utility tokens that powers all of our products and services brings credibility, accountability and independence to our users. This also strengthens our relationship with our community and enables us to create partnership deals. FORT Coin is the link between our users and the products and services we will be developing. This community is what will help our ecosystem grow.

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