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What is Insight $INSAI about? Insight AI are a team of developers and engineers that are training an AI model to bring new advancements to the blockchain space. The focus is on an AI predictive tool for cryptocurrencies. By analyzing historical & instant market data, this protocol is specifically designed to predict the price of cryptocurrencies through analyzing parameters such as trading volume, price movements, and network usage. What makes Insight $INSAI unique? - Predictive Analytics tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends and historical data, providing users with accurate and actionable predictions on the future performance of various crypto assets. - History of Insight $INSAI Insight $INSAI Launched on 17th of February 2023 with a mission to change how people view market trends by implementing Artificial intelligence and much more - What’s next for Insight $INSAI? - Ai Trading bot : an automated trading bot that allows users to execute trades based on the predictions generated by the AI model. Premium Analysis Group: A private group for In-depth market analysis and insights, generated daily and weekly by the AI predictive model. NFT Launch : A NFT Genesis collection will grant key community members free access to the AI Trading Bot, Premium Analysis Community & a 2% revenue share of the INSAI Token trading volume tax. Development Of Mainnet Integration With INSAI model to optimize blockchain scalability through analyzing data on network usage and identifying bottlenecks, making the transactions for example cheaper, faster & more efficient. - What can Insight $INSAI be used for? - Predict the market trends for any token/coin the user desires. -Ai trading bot to trade according to the predictions.

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