Internet Computer (ICP)

1.00000000 ICP
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Market Cap
$ 974,098,000
Volume 24h
$ 46,241,300
Circulating Supply
Internet Computer Chart
Description Internet Computer

The Internet Computer extends the functionality of the public internet from a network that connects billions of people (via TCP/IP protocols) to a public compute platform that empowers millions of developers and entrepreneurs (via ICP protocol) — providing a revolutionary new way to build mass-market open internet services, pan-industry platforms, secure enterprise systems and websites, and DeFi, all without the need for legacy IT such as centralized cloud computing services, databases, and firewalls. The Internet Computer is created by a decentralized protocol (ICP) that is mathematically secure, combining the compute capacity from thousands of independent data centers around the world into a unified, seamless public compute environment that runs at web speed with unbounded capacity — allowing entrepreneurs and developers to reimagine how we build everything. The Internet Computer completes the Blockchain Trinity — Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Internet Computer — marking the three major innovations in blockchain technology. These three decentralized networks complement one another and serve different purposes: Bitcoin (cryptocurrency), Ethereum (smart contracts), and Internet Computer (blockchain computer).

Internet Computer Price $3.56
Market Cap $ 974,098,000
Volume 24h $ 46,241,300
Circulating Supply 274,192,000
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24h Change -9.71 %