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The Kingmaker’s $POWER is an ERC20 token that aims to develop a completely gamified defi ecosystem where everything is voluntary, including taxes. $POWER builds on Ryoshi's vision, with its direct connection to SHIB whales. It is a work of love, of pure intentions, of grassroots ideology. It is Pablo Picasso with a box of crayons, teaching his son to color between the lines. It is collectivized ambition, religion, and community. The emperor’s new clothes, but underneath the invisible fabric lies a King. As titans like FTX toppled, and giants like 3AC were felled, The Kingmaker drew up the blueprints for a perfect utopian kingdom — free from tax, fueled by community, and sustained by its own revenue. Even as his health failed, The Kingmaker designed $POWER to set a new standard within the industry, and to save the Space. Now, I will lay the foundations of the utopia that will become our home, and attempt to save the one true King who was never made.

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