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LiquidSpirit is a wrapped version of inSPIRIT. It is designed to unlock holder’s position by opening up a whole new market for linSPIRIT, while still being able to enjoy weekly volume based fees from inSPIRIT. Users can then swap their SPIRIT for linSPIRIT at a 1:1 ratio using our LiquidSwapper. In order to trade their linSPIRIT back to SPIRIT, users will need to use a DEX, such as SpiritSwap. When users swap SPIRIT for linSPIRIT, we lock the SPIRIT forever on a weekly basis. We then use the inSPIRIT received to boost yields for the SPIRIT-FTM, wETH-FTM and wBTC-FTM pairs, increasing yields for xLQDR holders. Previous experiments have shown that this strategy can be a massive success. Convex’s cvxCRV alone has attracted a market cap of over 300 million USD. Although users seem to accept the peg for products like these, it is ultimately market forces that control the price.

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