Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD)

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Description Liquid Staking Derivative

$LSD is a liquid staking aggregator protocol based on algorithms that detect and calculate the best possible solution for the highest APY. $LSD uses a proprietary smart contract to manage and automatically rebalance the portfolio to generate the best APY’s for its investors. Staking has to-date, offered and will likely continue to offer the most reliable yields in DeFi. Liquid staking - or the ability to stake ETH via swapping for a liquid asset, has emerged as the leader in this DeFi ecosystem. However investors must still contend with the difficulty of - evaluating yield (both in ETH and native tokens), choosing a protocol, and continually re-evaluating this over time. Enter $LSD. Simply put - users swap ETH for $LS-ETH, a wrapper around the $LSD Aggregator protocol - and our protocol will do the rest, ensuring the highest possible staked ETH yield across a multitude of liquid staking protocols via our proprietary smart contract.Custody of staked assets remains always with the user, which will aim to allow them to access that liquidity across the entire DeFi ecosystem.

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