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What is the project about? LiqWrap is a Decentralized Liquidity protocol, which aims to bring significant transformation to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, particularly in the domain of liquidity pools. What makes your project unique? LiqWrap solves the limitations that current Decentralized Liquidity projects are facing. It can be understood that the LiqWrap protocol will allocate wLP tokens to $LQW token holders. The wLP token serves as both a liquidity representative and a dividend for the distribution of ETH rewards obtained from the 3% swap tax. History of your project. This is the first project we did What’s next for your project? Products for the community will be launched soon. The list of influencers will be updated soon What can your token be used for? At launch, all LPs are initially wrapped => wLP tokens All wLP tokens will be allocated to users when purchasing $LQW tokens on Uniswap V2. Conversely, when a user sells $LQW tokens, the wLP tokens will be transferred back to the Wrapped Liquidity Pool.

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