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What is the project about? FIRST ETH NeTWORK FOR memes Designed FOR GLOBAL IMPACT. InTRODUCTIon changing the we83 world where you can Finally EARN MONEY WITH MEMES! NoY YoU'RE ablE to creatE sharE & locatE FUNNY CREATIONS ALlL IN oNE PlacE FOR DIFFERENT CAUSEs! GITBOOK PITCH DECK MEMESTATION SOLuTion THEReFORe, OUR Only ReAL chance OF OnBOARdinG mainstream indiViduals is to target social media AND enROLL WeB2 to ₩eB3 users. Memes ARe THe mosT OBVIOUS AReA TO STart in. we need not be serious to ACCompLISH something significant. today's culture is centeRed on memes. mMemes ARe shared, useD, And enJoyed BY eveRyone in the woRld. Memes Don't mATTER To You; You Just enJoy THem. You Don't JuDGe THem. ROADMAP Q3 2023 FINALIZING TECH SPECS FINALIZING THE DESIGN HIRING TECH TEAM AMA TOUR Q42023 PARTNERSHIP LISTING MARKETING BETA PLATFORM ONBOARD ADVISORS Q12024 MEME CONTESTS ALPHA GIF EDITOR NFT MARKETPLACE

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