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Description MIDAS Token

What is the project about? It's a NFT-backed stablecoin. What makes your project unique? It's the firsts of its kind on the Solana blockchain and it's powered by the Hadeswap ( team - Solana's top NFT AMM. History of your project. Hadeswap launched in September 2022 as the first NFT AMM on Solana and quickly gained insane traction through its unique approach - today, Hadeswap has 3M SOL total trading volume, 550K SOL TVL and over 10K SOL daily trading volume. What’s next for your project? We want to be the #1 liquidity layer of NFTs on Solana to begin with then expand multichain. What can your token be used for? $MDS aims at becoming a store of value, a medium of exchange and a unit of account entirely backed by NFTs.

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Total Supply 1,100,000
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