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SeanceCircle functions as the means by which one may unlock the full potential of your SoulPower. SEANCE represents staked SOUL and is required collateral for unlocking your staked SOUL. Namely, the only way to unstake your SOUL is by burning your SEANCE. We do this in order to add intrinsic value to SEANCE as a means of account, such that every SEANCE in circulation represent a SOUL that is staked in our protocol. In other words, one less SOUL on the market and one more loyal member of our SeanceCircle. Seance has a number of powers that it enables, namely the ability to accrue more governance (voting) power by staking your SEANCE in what we refer to as an "Enchantment", which is where you may park your SEANCE and receive not only additional governance power and authority, but also a proportional share of SEANCE bought off the market using fees accumulating by our DAO treasury, The Enchantress is responsible for this buyback and dividend allocation to our most loyal members in our ecosystem.

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