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"Tower Defense Against Attack on Titan - Take on the Titan Apocalypse Tower Defense Against Attack on Titan is a blockchain based game with play-to-earn functionality built on the Binance Smart Chain. Buy and hold $TITAN to play the game and earn passive income in ETH. Get ready for adventure in this new survival RPG! Collect, equip, and upgrade your squad of heroes for battle against the roving hordes of Titans and zombies with out of this world abilities. Over 100 levels and we’re building more. New players start with 1,000 coins! MANAGE AND MINT YOUR NFT HEROES You determine how to survive the Titan apocalypse! Recruit strong heroes from four different factions by collecting coins Mint these heroes as NFTs Level up your favorites to create a powerhouse team COLLECT REWARDS FOR IN GAME PURCHASES Gather diamonds even while you’re fighting! Use them to upgrade your characters, mint NFTs or buy items from the store. After each battle or quest, you’ll receive even more coins to help aid in your survival! MEXPLORE PVC / PVP / MULTI-WORLD MODE Battle against the computer in a multitude of worlds Battle PvP in the Arena to fight other Titan World players Enter the arena mode on the Titan Express to see how long you can survive Add friends to play with hired mercenaries and to send and receive coins to recruit heroes Join a Guild to raid with members and take down epic bosses MANAGE AND MINT YOUR NFT HEROES Mint NFTs of heroes to play in the game. Various types of items: chests, energy, weapons, battle pass… Limited/Unlimited supply. "

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