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" is a decentralised, trustless platform for prediction markets. It permits any user to predict the outcomes of any future events and to freely participate in an arrangement, whereby correct predictions will result in financial gains, while the incorrect ones will incur penalties to the staked digital assets. The platform therefore creates a reflection of the general expectation of occurrence of a certain event or outcome. Running on the highly-scalable Moon Rabbit Metachain, allows anyone to participate in global prediction markets at a minimal cost. The mechanism of locking and distributing the funds at stake is fully transparent and verifiable on chain. There is no central party or operator of the platform who can manipulate the rules of the platform or to dishonestly affect the outcome. The flow of staked tokens within the platform is fully circular, with an extra burning mechanism creating deflationary pressure. Thus, the tokenholders of WSBT, the native token of the Platform are the ultimate owners of the platform and they capture all of the rewards and pay-outs from the platform." Price $0.00075203
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